14.8v 25c Rc Lipo Batteries 4s 1500mah

14.8v 25c Rc Lipo Batteries 4s 1500mah

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Product Details

14.8v 25c rc lipo batteries 4s 1500mah



Model No

PL-1500-4S-25C  753562

Nominal Voltage


Nominal  Capacity



30*35*70mm OR as customer request



Composed Type (Configuration)


Charging Current

1-2C recommended (5C Max)

Charging Time

1 Hours

Charge Method

CC-CV (constant current and constant voltage )

Max Discharge Current


Recharge Cycle Life


Working Temperature





Storage Temperature and Humidity

One month


Three months


One year


Protection Functions

Over charge, Over discharge,

Over load, Short Circuit



 Why Choose Li-Polymer (LiPO) Battery ?


• Qick in charge and discharge, Lipo battery provides up to 3C charge, 65C discharge

• Lighter in weight, Lipo battery has high energy density (max. 200Wh/kg)

• Outstanding performance in high temperature

• More safe chemistry, more safe for use

• Extra-low internal impedance

• Long cycle life over 500 times

• Low self discharge

• No memory effect



Why Choose US?


Due to continuous development in Super High Power Li-polymer battery that draw up to 35C+ discharge continuously, IMPROVE BATTERY  extend its application to RC Plane, RC boat, RC and Power tools.


High Power Li-Polymer batteries outperform other types in high drain performance and cycle life. Due to lower IR and

higher load capability, it could bring higher discharge rate and more stable voltage to RC models, Power tools, E-Bikes,

Portable battery-driven devices and optimize the performance.





1.Read the instructions on your device before using batteries.

2.Insert batteries into your device properly, with the (+) and (-) terminals aligned correctly.

3.Remove batteries from any device that will be stored for long periods of time.

4.It is normal for batteries to become hot during charging and they will gradually cool down to room temperature after fully


5.Store the batteries in a cool and dry place.

6.Remove batteries from the electrical device after use.

7.If the performance of the batteries decrease substantially, it is time to replace the batteries.

8.Keep batteries away from children. If swallowed, contact a physician at once.





1.Never mix battery types in a device. Battery leakage may occur. Examples of battery types are alkaline, heavy duty,


2.Never mix old and new batteries in a device. Battery leakage may occur. Replace all batteries in a device at the

same time.

3.Do not over-charge or over-discharge batteries. It will decrease the batteries' service life.

4.Never mix batteries of different capacities (e.g. 1200mAh and 1800mAh) in the electronic device.

5.Do not short circuit, incinerate and disassemble batteries.

6.Do not dispose of batteries in fire. They can rupture or leak.

7.Do not drop or cause unnecessary shocks to the battery.

8.Do not carry loose batteries in a pocket or purse with metal objects like coins, paper clips and hair pins, etc. This

will short circuit the battery, generating high heat.


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