AAA 600mAh 2.4V Nimh Rechargeable Battery Pack ,China Factory Direct Battery

AAA 600mAh 2.4V Nimh Rechargeable Battery Pack ,China Factory Direct Battery

1)Friendly to the environment: No Cadmium, Mercury effect, Lead 2)No memory effect 3)Low internal resistance 4)Long cycle life:more than 500 -1000 cycles under normal use 5)Low self-discharge character

Product Details

AAA 600mAh 2.4V Nimh Rechargeable Battery Pack ,China factory direct battery

Battery Details

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Nominal Voltage (v)Nominal capacity(mAh)Rapid charge currentStandard charge currentMaximum Dimension(mm)Weight(g)
Ni-MH 1.2VAAA 6001.26001200mA 2CmA600mA 1CmA10.5*44.511
AAA 8001.28001600mA 2cmA800mA 1CmA10.5*44.515
AAA 9001.29001800mA 2cmA900mA 1CmA10.5*44.518
AA 16001.216003200mA 2cmA1600mA 1CmA14.5*50.530
AA 18001.218003600mA 2cmA1800mA 1CmA14.5*50.534
AA 24001.224004800mA 2cmA2400mA 1CmA14.5*50.534
C 35001.235007000mA 2cmA3500mA 1CmA26*50.560
D 40001.240008000mA 2cmA4000mA 1CmA34*6165
D 80001.2800016000mA 2cmA8000mA 1CmA34*61152

Why choose us 

 1, High and stable load voltage

 2, Superior drain capacity

 3, Low self-discharge rate (less than 1% after 1 year of storage at 20°C)

 4, Stainless steel container

 5, Hermetic glass-to-metal sealing

 6, Laser welding, infuse from buttom of cell.

 7, Non-flammable electrolyte

 8, Shelf Life:8 years

 9, Certificate:ISO9001,UN,UL,meet the RoHS requirement 

 10, ISO:9001 and IS0:2004 standard factory, production line very strong.

 11, a developing industrail zone with own property.

 12, powerful equipment 100% protect storng warranty and high quality.






We can also produce many kinds of pointed cap and flat cap batteries,high temperature, low temperature type, 

power type (high rate discharge) and other kinds of batteries. We can assemble any battery pack and OEM batteries

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