Why 18650 Lithium Battery Explosion?The PTC Can Avoid Explosion?

- Mar 03, 2017-

Many people will have a misunderstanding, think battery is very dangerous, especially lithium battery is very unsafe, will explode!Really so dangerous as the legendary 18650 battery?Want to clear up this question, must first understand - what is

18650 Battery?


                  18650 lithium ion batteries

we often say 18650 actually refers to the appearance of the battery specifications, is Japan's SONY company in order to save costs and set a standard cell types, including 18 said to 18 mm in diameter, 65 said length is 65 mm, 0 means for cylindrical batteries.18650 means nimh battery and lithium ion battery, as a result of the nickel metal hydride is now used less, so now more refers to the lithium ion battery.18650 single lithium ion batteries is commonly: nominal voltage of 3.6 V or 3.7 V.Minimum discharge termination voltage is commonly: 2.75 V.Common capacity of 1200 ~ 3000 mah, more than 3400 mah is likely to be empty mark.

Since in the 90 s, SONY launched 18650 batteries have been enduring.18650 batteries because of its large capacity, high storage efficiency, good stability, no memory effect, high cycle life, does not contain toxic substances, etc are widely used in industry and electronic equipment such as notebook computers, walkie-talkies, instruments and meters, and even the world's most fire tesla 18650 battery electric cars is also provided by panasonic.

Why do the lithium battery explosion?

18650 the steel shell encapsulation, the vast majority of battery quality closes nevertheless batteries with no protection function, in the case of overcharge (overcharge), will make its internal pressure surge, when more than bear, will explode.And short circuit, temperature too high or the battery is even pierced the problems such as extrusion deformation may cause the battery explosion.


Short circuit protection (dangerous operation, do not imitate)


Good quality 18650 bubble bath is no problem, please do not imitate)

What is lithium battery PTM?

After 30 years of development, 18650 battery preparation technology is already very mature, in addition to performance has a great improvement, its security is also very perfect.To avoid a sealed metal shell exploded, now 18650 batteries will be at the top is equipped with a safety valve, safety valve is 18650 per a battery standard, which is the most important a explosion-proof barrier.When the battery internal pressure is too large, the top valve will open the exhaust pressure, avoid explosion.But, when the relief valve opens, the battery internal leaking chemicals under the condition of high temperature can react with oxygen in the air, is still likely to be the situation of the fire.In addition, now part of the 18650 battery built-in protection board, has a charge and short circuit protection function, safety performance is very high



The PTM opening

Mobile power exploded after, all because of the use of unqualified unscrupulous manufacturers to save costs of inferior 18650 batteries, even second-hand waste electricity.Current major battery manufacturers such as SONY, panasonic, samsung, and so on production of 18650 battery is very safe, and 18650 battery utilization rate is very high, when we are in daily use can make the correct use and avoid the short circuit batteries, damaged or temperature is too high, completely don't have to worry about the battery will explode.We can't a bamboo pole, with the same brush to qualitative 18650 individual inferior product security.

One sentence summary: regular, quality qualified 18650 battery safety is very high, completely can be at ease use, if the figure cheap goods bought the side of the road is safer, but will have an accident just look at your personality ~

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