The Purpose Of The Lithium Battery Aging

- Mar 23, 2017-

Aging SEI film formed after the first charge battery assembly completion of the injection fluid into placed, there can be room temperature aging may also have the high-temperature aging, the role is the initial charge generally refers to the nature and composition of the stable.
Room temperature aging temperature of 25 degrees, the high-temperature aging of the plant, some 38 degrees 45 degrees of time in between 48-72 hours

Aging was divided into opening and sealing both cases:
If the relative humidity can be controlled below 2% for the opening into the battery, the normal-temperature aging purposes, aging and then sealing is good,
For high-temperature aging, aging better sealing.

But be sure: the aging process of electrochemical kinetics of change, of great help to the stability of the SEI, can promote the stability of the electrochemical system.

The purpose of aging
In fact, the principle is almost a reason to allow the electrolyte to fully get infiltration, another positive and negative to some of the active ingredients in the live material is inactivated by reaction makes the battery`s overall performance is more stable, a lot of companies in order to make the process speed up, take the high-temperature aging, but need to pay attention to controlling high-temperature aging time and temperature, because of the high temperature aging than room temperature aging of living matter to produce more deterioration role, control well, the active ingredient complete response was stable cell characteristics, poor control overreaction electrical performance decline, reduced capacity, IR increased leakage occurs even situation are likely
More stable cell performance after aging at elevated temperatures, most of the lithium-ion battery manufacturers in the production process have taken a high-temperature aging mode of operation, and aging at a temperature of 45 to 50 degrees Celsius for 1 to 3 days, and then room temperature shelved. The battery potential adverse phenomenon in the high-temperature aging will be exposed: such as voltage variation, variation in thickness, internal resistance changes are directly test the safety and electrical performance of these batteries comprehensive index.
Today, most of the battery companies are using inferior low-end domestic diaphragm mass production, high-temperature aging, but also become the unspoken rules of the battery internal structure of the safety performance test

Aging at high temperature chemical reaction just in order to shorten the entire production cycle of the battery just Kasei battery only accelerated in the high temperature battery, the battery is no more benefits, it may damage the battery, and is preferably room temperature holding time in the more than three weeks , so that the positive and negative electrodes, separator, electrolyte, etc. sufficiently chemical reaction equilibrium, when the battery performance it would be more realistic.

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