The IEC Standard And Battery Standard

- Mar 22, 2017-

The IEC standard is the International Electrotechnical Commission (International Electrical Commission), is a worldwide organization for standardization by the International Electrotechnical Commission, its purpose is to promote the field of world electronics standardization. The nickel cadmium battery standards for IEC285, a nickel metal hydride battery standard is IEC61436, lithium ion battery with the IEC standards, the general battery industry is based on the SANYO or Panasonic standard.
Battery used IEC standard nickel cadmium battery standards for IEC602851999;
Ni MH battery standards for IEC614361998.1; lithium battery standards for IEC619602000.11.
A battery of national standard nickel cadmium batteries have standards for GB/T11013_1996GB/T18289_2000; Ni MH battery standards for GB/T15100_1994GB/T18288_2000;
lithium batterystandards for GB/T10077_1998YD/T998_1999, GB/T18287_2000.
In addition to standard common battery also has the Japanese industrial standard JIS C about the battery standard and SANYOPANASONIC company established a standard battery enterprises

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