Let Us Start From The Details, We Will Make Nimh Battery Working Life Long

- Mar 16, 2017-

digital camera with the increase of demand for electricity, use nimh battery more and more people favor.However, in the process of the use of digital camera nimh batteries, if you don't pay attention to some details, the cycles life of nimh batteries will be discounted.
In fact nimh batteries still have memory effects, this effect will reduce the total capacity and using time of the battery.With the passage of time, the storage charge will be less and less, the battery will also consume faster and faster.Therefore, should try to use all the power after the recharging, for new nimh batteries should be charged on an empty stomach.If you are using a dedicated lithium-ion batteries, or lithium ion battery, memory, how do you don't need to consider the effect of the problem.
Different power and different capacity of nickel metal hydride battery charge can't together, different brands of batteries and chargers don't use as much as possible.Keep the battery insulation skin integrity at ordinary times, check whether the battery's electrodes in oxidation, mild oxidation can wipe it out, but if it is severe oxidation or fall off, should replace new batteries immediately.At the same time, in order to avoid power loss, need to keep the inside of the contact point at the ends of the battery and battery cover cleaning, such as using the soft, clean dry cloth gently wipe the battery, or with a small eraser to clean metal contacts in the battery box.
When not to use a digital camera for a long time, or from the digital camera battery charger must be removed, and fully discharge, then stored in a dry, cool and environment, but not the battery with metal objects in general, in order to avoid short circuit, again next time you're using is full.
In the process of digital cameras use nimh batteries, as long as we are from the above details to maintenance of nimh batteries, can prolong life.


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