Lead-acid Battery Electric Bicycle Will Be Eliminated

- Mar 27, 2017-

Recently, the "Measures for the Administration of Shanghai non-motor vehicles (Amendment Bill)" hearing, "electric bicycleweighing not more than 40 kg," this provision raised against the majorityOnce the "approach" was promulgated, will replace thelead-acid battery car battery car, becoming the main market.
It is understood mainly by vehicle electric bicycle frame, plastic parts, motors and batteries constitute the four components, including the battery is divided into two kinds of lead-acid and lithiumGeneral bicycle frame weighs about 15 kg, the motorweighs 4 kilograms, if the use of lead-acid batteries, vehicle weight over 40 kg inevitableif a lithium battery, its weight is only 2 kg, vehicle weight can compliance.
As the lithium battery car with a lightweight, energy-saving and other features, has won the elderly and women of all ages.Insiders said that despite the current market share of lithium car is still relatively low, but because of its lightweight, energy-saving, low power consumption, etc., coupled with the technology continues to improve, is bound to gradually expand the marketshare. "Measures" will be implemented to accelerate the promotion of car battery, lead-acid cell vehicles will soon be eliminated.

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