Large Lithium Ion Battery By Air Transport For The First Time

- Mar 08, 2017-

On September 11, 2014, DHL (DHL) announced that the world's advanced logistics company has put the fia formula electric championship need 41 electric car and the equipment shipped to the Beijing games.The delivery process for the first time successfully challenged the transportation weighed 300 kilograms of various problems of large lithium ion battery, as well as the relevant certification and professional processing operation.


DHL express company's chief executive, says Mr Lin economy as leader of green logistics industry, through the exploration combined together to build a global green logistics electric equation solution and the best platform for future solutions, aims to provide innovative sustainable logistics solutions.

Recently, DHL express company announced plans to launch blue sky transportation design competition, to stimulate the sustainable development of transportation industry.DHL through specific green action project, is the world's first own constraint carbon efficiency indicators of logistics enterprises, by 2020 its carbon emissions relative to the value of 2007 by 30%, including container transport, letters, parcels and storage land caused by various processes such as carbon emissions is optimized.The company established its own climate protection projects in Africa, and more than 60 countries around the world design carbon neutral shipping product, make a large contribution to environmental protection.

DHL company to guide the future development direction of green transportation industry, the success of transport large lithium ion battery for the first time also in the future development of battery industry provides more convenient.

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