- Mar 24, 2017-

Whenever you read those news headlines of someone losing their house to a LiPo battry  fire, it is always because of some sort of charging mishap. Lithium Polymer batteries are volatile when they are being charged, and one little negligence in the process can result in disaster. Then how to charge Lipo batteries? This article will talk about this problem. Please share this guide with anyone you know that needs help with LiPo batteries. The more people knows, the safer the use of lithium polymer battery can become – and that’s good news for everyone.

Anything improperly used could be dangerous. A hammer lying on a bench can’t do harm, but if used incorrectly and you may be hurt. Much of the concern with LiPo batteries started and has stuck around because of misuse taking place when LiPo cells started to be used in RC. Improper charging, use and storage led to the accidents and thus led to a very negative view of LiPo batteries. Now that specific LiPo chargers are readily available and we know how to care for these cells, LiPo batteries are entirely safe if used properly. Again, the more factual view of LiPo battery is that, if used properly, they are, indeed, perfectly safe and no more dangerous than any other types of battery.

As we all know, lithium battery chemistry is a volatile mixture. How to charge LiPo batteries properly? It is really terrible that one battery starts on fire because of unsafe/improper charging, never put several batteries all hooked up in close proximity to each other! If you select this charge mode, just like charging any lithium based battery, you do so at your own risk and never let it unattended.

Why? Because out of the half dozen LiPo experts I’ve talked to, and plenty of electrical engineers in the hobby I’ve also conversed with; I simply can’t find one person in the know that will say parallel charging of LiPo batteries is more harmful than single pack charging or will shorten the pack’s life span. Supposing you have good equipment and understand exactly what you are doing.

Now I’ve been parallel charging of LiPo packs for over 5 years and have never once had any problems. My packs are living long healthy lives and I would guess I have had at least 500 parallel charging cycles assuming about 100 per year given or taken.

Proper use of a LiPo starts with the proper purchase. You get what you pay for. The critical point is to match the charger’s charge voltage to the cell you are using. If you have trouble with choosing lithium polymer battery, you may contact us, our professional will provide you detailed answer patiently, and please remember that always follow the recommendation of the battery manufacturer.


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