For Airsoft Battery Quick Quotation

- Nov 08, 2016-

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For airsoft battery, please inform us the following information for a quick 

1) 7.4v 20c 1500mah 7x21x126mm mini tamiya connector

2)7.4V 25C 1650mah 14x30x95mm mini Tamiya

3) 11.1v 15c 1300mah 19.4x21x128mm mini tamiya

4) 11.1v 25c 1300mah 22x18x171mm mini tamiya

5) 7.4v 15c 1300mah 7x21x126mm mini Tamiya

6) 11.1v 20c 1300mah 7x21x126mm mini tamiya

7)11.1v 20c 1500mah 7x21x126mm mini tamiya

8) 7,4  1400 mah 25C             (168*17*12mm) 

9)  7,4 , 1400 mah,  20c  (120*17*14.5)

10) 7,4 , 1500 mah ,20c  130x18mm

11)B6 with 12v5 euro 

12) E4AC EUROPE PLUG including a mini Tamiya wire

13) LIPO BAG 200 X 105Mmm

14) Samsung  3.7v   18650  3000mah including PCB

15) 2pcs spot charger for 18650 batteries 

Above product export to spain.and this customer cooperate with our company for 3 years. This month we ship cargo to hongkong warehouse.

SHENZHEN IMPROVE BATTERY CO.,LTD is a professional manufacturer specializing in researching, developing, manufacture and selling batteries in Shenzhen ,china. It was set up in 2005.our main products including NIMH battery/pack, Li-polymer battery. Rc Lipo battery. these products are widely used in the industry of telecommunication, digital products, portable computers, electronic products, lightening devices, toys, GPS. medical Instrument, backup battery and emergency devices.

We not only provide high quality product with excellent services, but also advanced battery solutions.  

Please feel free to contact us if any product is in your need.

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