Comparison Of Lithium Battery And Nickel Metal Hydride Battery Charging Technology

- Mar 16, 2017-

Comparison of lithium battery and nickel metal hydride battery charging technology

Before lithium battery and nimh batteries charging technical problems ,we explain that charging rate, it expressed with the letter "C", "C" 1.0 hours of charging battery capacity is defined.For example, a rating of 800 mah (mah) battery charging can use 0.5 C, so that the battery fully charge need to 400 ma charging current charging theory should be 2 hours.By charging technology is actually the control of the voltage and current of the judgment and handling ability.

Monomer of the rated voltage of 1.2 V/nickel metal hydride batteries, often said that the 1.2 V nimh batteries, rechargeable batteries is refers to the monomer should be as high as 1.5 1.6 V voltage charging/section.To decide when to interrupt there are several different charging technology can be adopted, the current several kinds of technology including: negative Δ voltage, peak voltage detection, Δ temperature (dT/dT), temperature threshold and timer, here no longer describe how specific work, "baidu".It should be pointed out that, high-end charger could integrate these technologies in the same of nimh battery charger.
Peak peak voltage detection circuit, can the scheduled termination of charging, the reservation peak voltage of 1.5 V/section, the battery can be to around 97%.

Lithium ion battery charging principle and nickel metal hydride batteries, common charging method is under the condition of 0.5 to 1 C C through trickle charging the battery 4.2 V/day.In the process of charging, the rise of temperature of the lithium ion battery should be kept in less than 5 ℃, high temperature shows that may lead to spontaneous combustion.Trickling water filling part of the battery charging cycle temperature rise is the largest, most likely to be spontaneous combustion.For lithium battery charging process, the change of current and voltage have periodic, lithium battery charger are usually smart charger, can real-time monitor and control the charging process of lithium ion batteries.Lithium battery in the constant current phase generally faster way to increase the lithium battery voltage to 4.2 V/section, then adopts constant pressure trickle charging, if you don't use a trickle charging, lithium batteries will only charge to the point of about 85%, which is lower than nimh battery voltage.

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