Brief Introduction Of Lithium Power Battery

- Mar 22, 2017-

The main form, lithium power battery
(1) the battery cover
(2) the positive active material for lithium cobalt oxide.
(3) the diaphragm - a special composite membrane
(4) the negative active material is carbon.
(5) the organic electrolyte
(6) the battery shell
Superior performance of the two,
lithium power battery
The superiority of the lithium ion battery, we often say is nickel cadmium batteries for the traditional (Ni/cd) and (Ni/cd) in terms of Ni MH battery. Then, the lithium ion battery is in where?
(1) high voltage (2) than the energy (3) and long cycle life (4) low self discharge rate (5) no memory effect (6) and no pollution
Three assembly process, lithium power battery
Lithium power battery technology and technology requirements are very strict, complicated, here only briefly introduce several main processes which.
(1) pulping
Using special solvent and paste agent respectively and positive and negative electrode active material powder mixture, after high speed stirring, positive and negative pole material into slurry.
(2) film
The prepared slurry evenly coated in the surface of drying, metal foil, respectively. The positive plate and the negative pole piece.
(3) assembly
According to the positive plate and negative plate and diaphragm diaphragm: top-down order placed, winding into the cell pole core, then into the electrolyte, the sealing process, assembly process to complete the battery, the battery is made.
(4) into
Charge discharge test on the finished product battery battery charging and discharging equipment, testing of every cell, screening out the battery products qualified, to the factory.
Four, security properties of lithium power battery
The lithium battery has been widely used in people’s daily life, so its safety performance is absolutely should be the first item evaluation index of lithium ion battery. The evaluation index of safety performance of lithium power battery, the international regulation is very strict criteria, a qualified lithium ion battery should meet the following requirements on safety performance.
(1) short: no fire, no explosion;
(2) charging: no fire, no explosion
(3) hot box test: no fire, no explosion (150 ℃ 10min)
(4) Acupuncture: no explosion (with a diameter of 3mm nail penetration battery)
(5) plate impact: no fire, no explosion (10kg weight from 1 meters high at the battery)
(6): no explosion (burning gas flame barbecue battery)
Five, the lithium battery is a new type of green environmental protection battery
A new type of green environmental protection batteries is that in recent years has been put into use or are in the process of research and development of a kind of high performance, no pollution of the battery. At present, has been widely used for the lithium batteries, nickel metal hydride battery and is promoting the use of mercury free zinc manganese battery is sealed and the development of lithium or lithium ion batteries, plastic fuel cell, electrochemical energy storage capacitor is a new green battery category. In addition, the solar cell current use of solar energy has been widely used for photoelectric conversion (also known as photovoltaic), also belong to this category.

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