Battery Routine Inspection And Maintenance

- Mar 09, 2017-

1. Check NP batteries regularly, if cover cracks, deformation and other damage and leakage occur should replace the NP battery. Check NP batteries, such as found in dust environment, using water or a piece of cloth soaked in warm water for cleaning. Do not clean with gasoline, banana water, other organic solvents or oils. Also, avoid using synthetic boob sheet.
2. When float charges, the value of the total NP battery charging voltage or voltage meter indicating plate deviates from the reference value as shown in the following table, or a single battery charging determines voltage from the reference value, the reasons should be investigated and processed.

<NP specification> excerpt (once a month)

Use distinguishCheck itemMethodDatumHandle
Floating chargethe total voltage of battery chargingCharger voltmeter shows the total voltage2.275V (Single section modifies to 25℃)If there is any difference, please check reference value

3. As the fire-fighting equipment such as the emergency power supply equipment, please press the "fire-fighting equipment inspection standard with emergency power supply (battery device)" or "Check essentials".
4. Please observe the using cycle life

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