Battery Operating Instruction

- Mar 09, 2017-

Use in a secure environment
Please charge within the temperature 0-45℃, and pay attention to the charging platform or desktop; when charging, the battery can not be placed close to or directly inflammable items, such as;
Paper, plastic, carpet, vinyl, leather, wood, or charging directly on the car model
Distinguish between positive and negative
Do not reverse the positive and negative, causing a short circuit is extremely dangerous.
Use the special charger
NiCd, NIMH or another type charger cannot charge Li-poly battery, please use Li-poly battery special charger
Do not over-charge
Each single cell fully charged voltage can not exceed 4.25V
Do not over-discharge
Each single cell fully charged voltage can not lower than 2.75V; over-discharge is damaged to the battery
Prevent the cell from overheating
At any time, do not control the battery overheating, up to 60℃; there will be a security risk.
Do not place the battery close to liquid; do not save the battery in damp places; or do not supply the battery near open flame or heater, etc

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