18650 battery pack 12v Backup Battery (5V Boost) Solution

- Mar 21, 2017-

With the rapid development of electronics market and technology in recent years, the operation of many products is dependent on alternating current, and will stop if unexpected power outage occurring, therefore, in order to solve the problems above and conduct data saving and transmission, we designed a kind of back-up lithium-ion power with endurance capacity, whose voltage range is from 3.7V to 5V, in addition, it can output stable voltage quickly, and provide power for the user’s electronic products automatically.

1) The design requirements for Internet of 18650 battery pack 12v  Based on the demands of product specifications and consumers, interpreting communication protocol terminal, a series of 18650 Lithium batteries (voltage of 3.7V), and internet of Things supporting host backup battery output 5V voltage under normal circumstances. And when the end product operates abnormal due to power failure or powered abnormally, internet of Things supporting host backup battery continue to power products, and eventually achieve a reasonable, efficient and safe power management. Based on the safety of batteries, battery packs, and the entire system, in order to realize the integration with host perfectly, and meet the requirements of corresponding design and certification regulations, as well as ensure the safety and reliability of Lithium Battery, battery pack has multiple layers of protection to avoid the damage caused by overcharge, over-discharge or short circuit.

2) The designing scheme for Internet of Things 18650 battery pack 12v 

1.18650 battery pack 12v  Protection Board (PCM): designed for rechargeable smart batteries to protect circuit, the protection board needs to provide smart power calculation, overcharge, over discharge, short circuit, over current protection to avoid the hazard of burning and explosion because of its chemical properties.

2.18650 battery pack 12v Protection IC: The main function of the design is to protect the chip, and constantly monitor the situation of overcharge, over discharge, over current, short circuit occurring, so that the chip can operate in a safe, stable and efficient condition.
3.Overcurrent protection films (PTC): mainly for secondary protection design. PTC resettable fuses with overcurrent protection, automatic recovery dual function. Battery products in the PTC can prevent the battery from large current discharge with high temperature.
4.18650 lithium Battery cell
acting as a switch in the protection circuit, and balances the voltage across the load, extends its service life.
6.18650 battery pack 12v  Boost control chip (S-8365AABBA): full-featured DC boost chip with overcurrent and overvoltage, short circuit protection, can output stable fixed voltage and strong current rate, truly efficient and low-loss.
7.18650 battery pack 12v Charge management chip: Using industry-proven charge management solution. 1% precision, high current (1000mA current can be set), to ensure a full charge every time.

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