Lithium Polymer Battery 3.7v 10000mah 3.7v 10ah Li-ion Battery

Lithium Polymer Battery 3.7v 10000mah 3.7v 10ah Li-ion Battery

1) Environmental friendly 2) High density of energy 3) Light weight 4) Low self-discharge 5) Low internal resistance

Product Details

lithium polymer battery spec.

Product name3.7v 10000mah lithium polymer battery 3.7v 10ah li-ion battery
Nominal voltage3.7v
Sizecan customized
Standard charge current0.5c
Stantdard discharge current1c
Operating temperature-20 ~ 60 degree
Cycle life500 times, more than 80% capacity left
Packcan be with PCB/wire or other

PCB Parameter

pcb parameter.jpg

Ambient Conditions Temperature Range
- Charge: 0 to +45 degree centigrade
- Discharge: -20 to +60 degree centigrade
- Charge Retention/Storage [%]: 1 year at -20 to +25 degree centigrade 3 month at -20 to

+45 degree centigrade
-Humidity: 65+/- 20% RH

 Safety Performance:

ItemTest nameResult
1Over chargeNo fire,no explosion
2Over dischargeNo fire,no explosion
3Short CircuitNo fire,no explosion
4DropNo fire,no explosion,no leakage
5Hot ovenNo fire,no explosion
6CrushNo fire,no explosion
7Needle punctureNo fire,no explosion

Remark: Standard environmental test condition

Temperature:25±2°C; Humidity: 45±20%RH unless otherwise specified

Test condition:1.For battery with PCM,all tests are tested with PCM except 6 and 7.

2.For battery without protect PCM, all tests without PCM.








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