battery iphone factory produce iphone 6 battery and mobile phone battery Replacement Battery for iPhone 6

battery iphone factory produce iphone 6 battery and mobile phone battery Replacement Battery for iPhone 6

Battery for iphone 6 / 6 plus battery We are exporter and supplier of mobile phone batteries of very good quality enjoyed by the users.Quality and consumer satisfaction is our passion.

Product Details

battery iphone factory produce iphone 6 battery and mobile phone battery


Replacement battery for Iphone 6

Product NameReplacement  Battery For iPhone6
ItemIphone 6
Charge Times>500
Nominal Voltage3.8V
Limited Charge Voltage4.3V
Net Weight42g
Working TemperBelow 20-50ºC
Warranty1 year

Package includes:

1 x 1810mAh Internal Replacement 3.8V Li-ion Battery for iPhone6G

6 x  Repair Tools

Details about For iPhone battery :

1.High Quality Mobile Battery For iPhone ;

2.Type: Li- ion battery; more than 500 charge cycles;

3.No Memory Effect,Enviromentally Friendly,Same Size as Your Original Battery;

4.Made with Grade A Li-ion cells and highest quality raw materials,built-in protection circuit to assure safety under all circumstances. Ultra-Long Standby Time;


1. High capacity battery extends the standby time and talk time.

2. Dual IC protection design ensures the safety and extends the battery’s life cycle.

3. One year warranty promise, we will replace the faulty battery with no extra charge.

4. Environment-friendly materials minimize the contamination.

Extra: If you are interested in this business but not sure about what to do, we can help you out!

According to your domestic market, we will give you the best suggestion to explore the market to construct a win-win situation. Besides that, we also provide OEM service, which means we can customize the product base on your requirement.


1. Double protctive IC with NTC PCB offer over-discharging, over-charging,
    over-current and short-circuit protection, safeguard for using.
2. Gilded and flexible connecter,better conductive properties,not easy to rust.
3. Safety and stable:Hi-tech lithium-ion battery undergoes drop test ,smash
    test and acupuncture test to ensure no fire and explosion in breaking.
4. Agrade li-polymer battery cell,high energy environmental protection 
    battery,durable energy conservation,long standby time and long taling time.

1. Double protection IC with NTC PCB offer overcharge,over-discharging,
    over-current and short circuit protection
2. Satety and stable, Hi-tech lithium battery,undergoes drop test,smash test
    and puncture test to ensure ,no fire and explosion in breaking.
3. Grade A Li-ion battery cell,high energy environmental protection,durable
    energy conservation, long stanby time and long talking time.
4. Containing mercury, lead, cadmium and other harmful substances,in full 
    compliance with environmental requirements.
5. The battery shell is firm and durable, long as the new
6. High energy density cell phone battery
7. High voltage cell phone battery
8. Pollution -free cell phone battery
9. Non-mental cell phone battery
1. Do not disassemble the battery
2. Do not place the battery in high temperature above 40 °C environment
    or in the fire.Otherwise it may cause the battery explosion.
3. Can not make the battery from or into the water.Now not to apply force
    or battery to a fall from a great height.
4. Do not put the battery and keychains. Coin conductors such as mixed.In
case of short circuit.
5. Please use the original charger or reliable battery charger. 





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