18650 rechargeable battery

18650 rechargeable battery

Custom 18650 battery Packs and Modules depend on customer requirement

Product Details


1.Stable and reliable discharge voltage.

2.Excellent storage characteristics.

3.Low self discharge rate of less than 2 percent.

4.Long shelf life.

5.Excellent fast pulse discharge characteristics.

6. Wide operating temperature range from -20°C to +60 °C.



(1) Portable electronic devices

(2) Bluetooth headset

(3) Digital camera

(4) MP3 player, MP4 player

(5)Cellular phone, Digital phone, mobile phone

(6) PDA

(7) DMB

(8) DVD, Portable DVD

(9) MID

(10) Digital camcorder, Digital camera

(11) Electronic cigarette

(12) Notebook computer, Portable computer, Lap-top computer

(13) Electronic pen

(14) E-book

(15) Flashlight

(16) GPS

Our service:

1. OEM orders are available

2. Superior quality and cost-performance ratio

3. Tags, plugs and connectors are available

4. We could design and produce the battery pack with plastic shell. assembly procession for customized configurations is available (we could design and develop Li-ion battery according to your product work performance & structure appearance)

5 Best Quality and Best Service for any orders. No matter big or small orders.

6 Prompt delivery time and professional services.

7. We provide resolve methods for you.

8. Please contact and inform us what's the problem you met for quality issues.


We want you to be fully satisfied with every item that you purchase ffrom our company.

Furthermore, we also provide 1year warranty for batteries and if any quality problems, not caused

by improper use or man-made, Improve Battery company will replace one by one.

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