Nimh battery Major Features

- Mar 29, 2017-

Nimh battery Major Features

Nimh battery Long Service Life

Under normal use, Great Power batteries can provide more than 500 charge/discharge cycles, or 5 years standby power.


Nimh battery Superior High Rate Charge/Discharge Characteristics

The cell can be fully charged in 1 hour with Great Power specified charging conditions, and can with stand a discharge rate up to 10C


Nimh battery Wide Temperature Range

The cell exhibits super efficiencey and durability for both high temperature and low temperature operations, at the range from -10°C to 70°C.


Nimh battery Execellent Overcharge Performance

Great Power batteries can be continuously overcharged at 0.1C rate for 48 hours without leakage or deformation.


Nimh battery Low Shelf-discharge Character

After 1 month storage at 20±5°C, a full charged cell can still deliver approx. 79% of its normal capacity.


Nimh battery Built-in Safety Features Against Misuse

Built-in chemical protection against polarity reversal or overdischarge. A resealable safety vent is incorporated to relieve internal pressure in case of misuse.


Nimh battery High Reliability

Great Power batteries are manufactured with the best abailable material using state of the art technology, allowing them to perform with outstanding reliability.


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