Lithium Battery Solution For Intelligent Cleaner

- Mar 21, 2017-

With the continuous improvement of living standards, the home environment, as well as changes in consumer attitudes, there must be an increasing demand for vacuum cleaner. It’s estimated that a few years later, vacuum cleaner industry will enter into a golden development stage in China, and the prospects of vacuum cleaner market are also very bright.
1) The design requirements for intelligent cleaner lithium battery
According to market demand and customers’ specifications, design and host supporting intelligent cleaner battery, can be divided into two types:
A.Energy types: small motor cleaner, its instant start-up and operating current is small, can be used energy-type batteries (eg, Samsung 22F/26F, Sanyo UR18650F etc.)
B.Power Type: high-power motor clear has large working current, and uses power type batteries. (Eg, Samsung 15Q/22P, Panasonic CH, KA, Sony V3, etc.);
Table 1: The strengths and weakness of Lithium battery and NiMH / NiCd battery
Indexnominal voltage(V)MJ/kg(Wh/kg)self discharge rate (month)recycle life (times)mem-ory effectworking 
Hazardous substanceSafety Speed of chargingelectronic controlCost USD(KW.h)
lithium-ion battery3.61252%~3%500~1000None-20~60Noneexcellentfasterstrict350
NI-MH battery1.27030%~35%500~8000Little-20~30Nonegoodfasterlow1000
NI-Cd battery1.24520%~30%500~1000Have-20~30cdexcellentfasterlow800
According to the advantages and disadvantages discussed above, for an example, if a vacuum cleaner needs one power supply of 14.8V/2200mAh, in order to meet the needs, we may need 4 Lithium batteries, but for 12 of using Nickel-cadmium, nickel-metal hydride batteries. In terms of total value for money, Lithium-ion battery has an advantage compared with nickel-cadmium, or nickel-metal hydride battery. With the growing demand for cost-effective products with long service life, so we need more precise solutions in Battery Design of intelligent vacuum cleaner.
Table 2: Intelligent cleaner lithium battery Model
ModelBattery cellDimensions(mm)Capacity(mAh)Current(mA)voltage (V)
Energy typeSamsung ICR18650/2200mAh/14.4V37.537.570220021504400110014.4V11V-16.8V
Energy typeSamsung ICR18650/2200mAh/14.8V197175260025505200130014.8V12V-16.8V
Power TypeSamsung ICR18650/2150mAh/14.4V4242732150205010000105014.411V-16.8V
Power TypePanasonic CGR18650/2250mAh/14.4V28.583692250215010000112514.410V-16.8V

We can choose the corresponding supporting performance batteries according to customer needs, and meet customers’ demand for different types of product performance. We sincerely welcome you to use our 

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