Emergency X-ray machine lithium battery Solution

- Mar 21, 2017-

Foreword: In order to meet the power supply demands in outdoor emergency X-ray machine, field B-machine, power cut emergency X-ray machine, field combat medical devices, combining the use features of related equipments above, we designed this emergency power lithium battery. Battery pack interprets IFR26650 iron phosphate lithium battery with high security, high consistency, high stability, and long life, imported chips, and MOS tube are used to protect, control and manage battery pack, which has the ability to continuous work with large current, continuous output power up to 1000W, the maximum instantaneous power up to 2KW, besides, battery pack combined with UPS can provide emergency of power supply for most medical equipments.
1) The design requirements for emergency X-ray machine lithium battery
According to product specifications and customer requirements, design the intelligent lithium battery to match the host engine, integrate the high-security, high-efficiency automatic equalization management, intelligent battery management, outstanding recycle life and other functions the solution.
1.Protection Board (PCM): According to the chemical properties of lithium-iron phosphate battery, targeted to design the protection circuit, in addition to overcharge, over discharge, over current, short circuit protection and over-temperature protection, the protection board design also have to provide the batteries’ power detection and equalization. 
2.Protection circuit: Use imported IC and MOS tube, and constantly monitor the situation of overcharge, over discharge, over current, short circuit occurring, so that the chip can operate in a safe, stable and efficient condition.
3.Overcurrent fuse: mainly to protect the failure of lithium battery management system. The battery pack usually use high power battery cells with large capacity, although the battery management system have overcurrent and short circuit protection, if there happens an exception it will also lead to failure of protection, and output short circuit will produce very large current. Thus we have to add overcurrent fuse, when an exception occurs, the fuse will disconnect circuit,and unrecoverable, to achieve the purpose of abnormal protection. 
4.Battery cells: Use the LARGE26650/3.2V/2500mAh lithium iron phosphate battery cells, maximum charge rate of the battery can be reached to 1C, the maximum discharge rate can be reached to 2C.
5.Battery Pack Parameters: 38.4V/39Ah (General nominal 36V/39Ah)Normal operating current is 30A, the maximum operating current can up to 50A, instantaneous starting current can be reached to 120A.
6.Battery Pack: The built-in Resistive balanced protection board car battery pack can effectively compensate for reducing capacity caused by the differences of batteries monomer, and maximizing battery life. 
7.The method that battery pack uses plastic brackets to isolate and fix batteries is more conducive to safe use and battery cooling.

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