Bicycle headlight battery

- Mar 10, 2017-




Product features:
1, the samsung A level 18650 batteries, more than 2600 mah capacity, no empty mark, long working hours;
2, battery after a match, very good consistency, the platform of discharge is high, long life;
3, equipped with a 7.4 V lithium battery protection board, preventing overcharge discharge, maximum protection of the battery, also makes the safety performance is guaranteed;
4, battery skins, wires and plugs are the best quality accessories, the whole battery pack well-made!

Battery technology parameters:
1. Size: 65 mm * 36 mm
2. The new four 18650 batteries are adopted
3. The rated voltage: 7.4 V
4. The rated capacity: 4400 ma
5. Double MOS battery protection board
6. 7 a discharge current
7. The charging current 1 a

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