Battery you understand history?

- Mar 28, 2017-

1800 Alessandro Volta invented the world's first battery.
1802 Dr. William Cruikshank designed a user-friendly battery manufacturing.
1836 John in Daniell to provide a stable discharge current, battery improvements
1859 Gaston, Planté invented the rechargeable
 lead-acid batteries.

1868 George Leclanché developed using the electrolyte of the battery
1881 J. A. Thiebaut obtain the dry cell patent.
1888 Dr. Gassner developed the first dry cell.
1890 Thomas Edison invented the iron-nickel rechargeable battery
Dry cell mass production in the United States in 1896
1896 invention of the D-type batteries.
The 1899 Waldmar Jungner invented the nickel-cadmium batteries.
Commercial production of iron-nickel batteries rechargeable 1910
1911 China engage in the production batteries and
lead-acid batteries (Ministry of Transportation battery factory)
In 1914, Thomas Edison invented the alkaline battery.
Sintered plate Schlecht and Akermann invented nickel-cadmium batteries in 1934.
1947 Neumann developed a sealed nickel-cadmium batteries.
1949 Lew Urry (the Energizer) developed the small alkaline battery.
1954 by Gerald Pearson, Calvin, Fuller, and Daryl Chapin developed a solar cell.
1956 Energizer. Manufacture of a
9-volt battery
1956 China's construction of a nickel-cadmium battery factory (FY Equipment Factory (755 Factory))
Before and after 1960
 Union Carbide commercial production of alkaline batteries, China began to study the alkaline batteries (Xi'an Qinghua plant three cooperative R & D)
1970 maintenance-free lead-acid batteries. 


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