nitecore charger

nitecore charger

lii300 LCD 3.7V/1.2V Battery Charger with screen 5V 1A To make sure that everyone can find the right battery charger they need, we provide the best Li-ion,

Product Details

Main functions:

Dual channel detecting independent charging, battery capacity, battery internal resistance, meter, short circuit protection, over current protection, zero volts activation, and support AA/AAA ni-mh battery, USB 5 v output.

The specific parameters:

The dc input voltage: 12 v / 1.5 A

Lithium battery charging current: 2 * (4.2 V, 500 ma), 2 * (4.2 V, 1000 ma)

Nickel metal hydride battery charging current: 2 * (1.4 V, 500 ma), 2 * (1.4 V, 1000 ma)

Discharge current: 2 * 500 ma

USB 5 v output: 1000 ma

Rechargeable battery specifications: 14500, 18650, 26650, AA, AAA, etc

Termination: intelligent voltage monitoring

Shape size: 140 mm (length) * 68 mm (width) * 31 mm (high)

Charge Mode (charging Mode)

1. when the charger plug charger all LCD screen instantly bright, if the battery is not in the

will show the Null, if it is a bad battery into will also display Null;

2. when the charger into the battery, charger of battery internal resistance is measured in 3 seconds, then the system automatically enters the charging current selection mode, the screen with the words "500 mA" flash 8 seconds, during may choose through the mode key for charging current 500 mA and 1000 mA, the system will lock in 8 seconds for charging current of your choice, if within eight seconds, there is no set, then the system automatically for charging current at 500 mA, the current will not be able to change again, if you want to change, need to reset the battery.

3. the user needs to pay attention to the maximum charging current rechargeable batteries, if you don't need fast charging, suggest using 500 ma charge, this is the safest and the most advantageous to the battery;

4. the charging mode, through light can press mode key switch to check the charge capacity (mAh)/charging time (h)/battery internal resistance (mR)/charging current (mA), four units, after the battery is Full, will show the Full, the next row of small display at the End (rechargeable).

Discharge Mode (capacity test Mode)

1. the Discharge Mode is the battery first, then to record the battery Discharge and Discharge capacity battery capacity, automatically after the battery is full.

2. into the Discharge mode, after the battery into the charger battery internal resistance is measured, in any state, long press mode key for 3 seconds to enter discharge mode.

3. selected current charging - into Discharge mode, the screen appears with the words "500 mA" flash 8 seconds, during may through the mode key to select 500 mA and 1000 mA current, the system will lock you choose in 8 seconds of current, if the 8 seconds, not set, then the system will automatically lock 500 mA current for the battery (at this point the selected) is a system to recharge the battery current.

4. when the battery, battery discharge, the system automatically at 500 ma and record discharge current for the battery discharge power, so as to detect battery capacity, when the screen appears Discharher and end capacity detection mode, the screen flicker of electricity parameter is the actual capacity of the battery.

5. after the recharging, capacity to detect patterns, the charger in before the current selected parameters for the battery again, until it is full.

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